Our Story

The Good Food Collective was started in 2020 to showcase gourmet food and drink made by talented locals in an easy to use website so shoppers could conveniently purchase New Zealand artisan products. 

This was important as the passion, craftsmanship and effort that goes into creating quality food and drink sometimes leaves no time for their makers to promote them. Artisans needed a way to connect with discerning foodies, passionate home cooks and Kiwis who wanted items that are less processed and made largely with locally available ingredients. 

And so, The Good Food Collective online shop came to be.

It's a website that aggregates award winning alcohol, pantry staples, small goods, sweets, plant based, gluten free and many other products. The Good Food Collective has grown to be one of the most unique purveyors in the country. Shoppers will find items from more than 60 small producers across 14 regions, learn how the product was made from the artisan themselves and can buy in one easy transaction.

You can place an order with one artisan or several and have it conveniently delivered no matter where you are, this is particularly helpful if you don't want to consume mass-produced items or can't get to a local farmers market.

Many of the artisans featured also take steps to be more sustainable and several have gone through the process to become B Corp Certified. Not to mention, the shorter distribution chains involved in distributing NZ made items is better for the environment compared to the consumption of overseas products. The other bonus is that buying locally grown and crafted food and drink contributes to the economy as it helps small businesses to prosper and thrive. 

The Good Food Collective only features items that are 100% NZ made, even our website and packaging are locally sourced even though it would have been cheaper to go off-shore and try to cater for all lifestyle requirements - we have allergy friendly (including gluten and diary free), organic, vegan, fair trade and vegetarian options.

We believe our goal to connect shoppers to Kiwi artisans remains paramount.  

We love what's produced in Aotearoa New Zealand as it makes life good in so many ways - and elevates any meal! We know that collectively, we can make a difference so that more people can enjoy mouth-watering, premium quality, locally made items and support local businesses. 

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Connecting Kiwis to the gourmet food & drink made in NZ by talented local artisans