About Us

The Good Food Collective was started in 2020 to connect Kiwis to the gourmet food and drink New Zealand's artisans make right here. We showcase flavoursome and deliciously tasty products in one, easy to use, online shopping platform.

A lot of passion, craftsmanship and effort goes into making everything we feature. And you can literally taste the difference and understand the quality from the very first mouthful. 

We focus on only featuring food and drink that has been made in NZ and try to cater for all lifestyle requirements. Whether you need allergy friendly items or are searching for organic, vegan, fair trade or vegetarian options, we have something for everyone.

You're also able to learn about the amazing people producing your food and drink. The story of how they got started, and what makes them keep going, is motivating. Most of our artisans are award winners and some even have fans including Jamie OliverOur producers adhere to strict criteria so you can be reassured that you're ordering items that aren't mass produced from businesses that are 100% NZ owned and operated.

Many of the artisans also take steps to be more sustainable and several have gone through the process to become B Corp Certified. It is well understood that buying locally grown and crafted food and drink contributes to the economy and is better for the environment given the shorter distribution chains. We're proud to feature more than 60 artisans from 14 different regions. 

We love what's produced in Aotearoa as it makes life good, and we love showcasing it. 

Nine reasons to love The Good Food Collective

  • Everyone is 100% NZ owned and operated

  • Food & drink is crafted using local ingredients (wherever possible)

  • Learn from the people crafting your product about how they make it 

  • There's a variety of allergy friendly and lifestyle options

  • Discover products you won't find at the supermarket

  • Everything listed has passed a quality check

  • Easily buy from multiple producers in one transaction

  • Consuming locally grown and crafted products is better for the environment 

  • Because every meal needs a secret ingredient to make life taste good!

We know that collectively, we can make a difference so that more New Zealanders can enjoy flavoursome, high-quality, locally made products and want to spread the word about what The Good Food Collective does.

By shopping at The Good Food Collective you're supporting talented Kiwi artisans while getting tasty food and drink delivered to your door, and we want to thank you for being part of the Collective Community. Keep up with what we're doing by subscribing to email updates or by following us on Facebook and Instagram.