TGFC Good Rewards

It’s easy to be rewarded – and free to join!

Make life good by shopping at The Good Food Collective. Find food and drink your family and friends will love - and feel good that it's all proudly crafted in New Zealand! We'll reward you for shopping and you'll receive curated benefits. Find out more about TGFC Good Rewards below. 

What is TGFC Good Rewards?

TGFC Good Rewards thanks members for supporting New Zealand’s talented artisans and shopping with us. The best part is it's easy to be rewarded – and free to join! You’re rewarded every time you shop, plus eligible for bonuses, discounts and much more. 

To become a TGFC Good Rewards member, all you need to do is create an account. And if you subscribe to our newsletter at the same time, you'll have reached 100 points and be able to claim your instant $15 TGFC Good Rewards e-voucher.

Every time you reach 100 points, you'll get a $15 TGFC Good Rewards e-voucher that is valid for two years. You can find out the different ways you can earn points below. 

What are the TGFC Good Rewards member benefits?

As a TGFC Good Rewards member, you’ll earn points every time you shop with us. You will also receive:

  • Special offers
  • Invitations to shop bonus point events
  • Exclusive perks throughout the year
  • A $15 TGFC Good Rewards e-voucher on your yearly anniversary
    How does TGFC Good Rewards work?

    You earn points on every purchase made at The Good Food Collective. When you have 100 points, you get a TGFC Good Rewards e-voucher. Here's how it works: Receive 1 TGFC Good Reward Points for every $5 you spend Points automatically accumulate in your account following each purchase When you reach 100 points, you can claim a $15 TGFC Good Rewards e-voucher.

    How do you earn TGFC Good Rewards points?

    We’re so passionate about building The Good Food Collective community, that we offer points in more ways than just shopping your favourite items. Throughout the year, we will have bonus point events that you can shop and earn extra TGFC Good Rewards.

    Benefits and ways to earn TGFC Good Reward points
    Is there a limit on how many people I can refer?

    No, you can refer as many people as you like.

    When will I get my 75 TGFC Good Reward points for referring a friend?

    Your 75 TGFC Good Reward Points will be automatically added to your account as soon as your friend registers with us.

    Can my TGFC Good Rewards e-voucher be accumulated? 

    Yes, you can save your e-vouchers and use them in one purchase as long as they are used within two years of the date of issue.

    Will my TGFC Good Rewards points expire?

    Nope, your TGFC Good Rewards points will not expire, and you have two years from the date of issue to spend any TGFC Good Rewards e-vouchers.

    How can I claim TGFC Good Rewards points from a previous purchase?

    We have automatically backdated the rewards to include any purchases made since 1 January, 2022.

    How do I join TGFC Good Rewards?

    In just a few steps, you can sign up and start earning rewards:

      1. Go to SIGN IN
      2. Click the CREATE AN ACCOUNT button
      3. Enter your details
      4. Tick CREATE ACCOUNT at the bottom of the page
      5. When you shop, just make sure to sign-in first