About Moana Park Estate

Our location in Puketapu, Hawkes Bay, is the home of Moana Park Estate. Initially the heart of a large sheep station, the original woolshed is still on site which we now use as our winery. Freshly picked onsite or from one of our local vineyards, our fruit go through their fermentation, blending & aging process here. We have a small bottling plant onsite where we produce small runs of wine when required. Our vines were first planted back in 1981 and are still part of the Moana landscape, while there has been ongoing growth in Hawke’s Bay, expansion has never come at the cost of quality. Moana Park Estate is proud to be Vegan, our wines have been certified by New Zealand Vegan Society to include plant based alternatives to animal products. Often during the ‘fining’ stage of the process of wine making, animal proteins such as egg whites, fish or milk are included to refine tiny particles unable to be captured by filtration. As an alternative to this, we use pea protein as our fining agent to clarify and stabilise the wine. At Moana Park, operating as a socially responsible business are core values we hold to encourage more sustainable process practices.

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