About Provenance Meat (NZ) Ltd

Provenance has been built literally from the ground up by the Crutchley Family on their farms in the Otago region of New Zealand’s South Island. Situated in stunning high country, Shortlands Station has been in the family since 1946. A second farm, Glenmore, is situated on the coastal hills of East Otago. It is from these farms that Provenance sources its lamb, both operating under a regenerative or Bio-farmed farming practice which means no superphosphate, glyphosate, synthetic nitrates or hormones are used. Our comprehensive farming protocols ensure the biological life of the soil is replenished. Sustainable land use is helped by natural inputs, natural fertilisers only and careful grazing. Living soil grows nourishing forage. The result is exceptionally healthy animals. More than feeding our lambs well, we look after them humanely and with respect. Our lambs are especially selected to thrive in their environment. They are raised and cared for over our two farms, freely ranging across hills and paddocks as they graze. The resulting meat has a unique flavour: clean, slightly sweet and creamy with no gamey aftertaste. And its tender and succulent qualities make it a huge hit with chefs and discerning home cooks alike. With no GMO, antibiotics, hormones, harmful sprays or synthetic fertilisers in the mix, this is the lamb you remember from your childhood.

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