About Black Collar Distillery

We were always on the hunt for good tasting spirits with depth and flavour that didn’t break the bank and never quite finding any that quite hit the spot, we wondered just how difficult it would be to make our own… After a lot of research, discussion and debate (over many, many drinks!), we had a plan that later developed into the Black Collar Distillery we have today. We spent years researching the craft of producing spirits. This included everything from processes to equipment like stills, tanks, pumps, regulations to flavour and then which botanicals to use, what are complementary pairings and what would give our spirits that depth and flavour we’d been searching for? Our tests were exhaustive, sometimes frustrating but ultimately highly refreshing! Once we’d finally established the combinations of everything that produced the unique Black Collar taste, we knew we were in this for real. Even with a great tasting product, the drinks industry is a scary one to enter. Dominated by huge global players, producing for the mass market, we felt like the underdog right from the start. Not even sure if we had a chance of lasting a month, we had put everything into this and with the odds stacked so highly against us, we knew that our hunger and determination to deliver top quality spirits would be key to our success. Every revolution starts with one voice and we had just kicked off ours - Black Collar was alive.

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