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Mahurangi Oysters is family owned and operated. We take the greatest care and pride in producing the very best, freshest, tastiest live oysters for our customers. Our small family run business takes the sort of care that only a smaller operation can provide, supplying plump, succulent oysters from our growing location in a beautiful, unspoilt corner of the Mahurangi Harbour. Pristine conditions allow our oysters to flourish and grow to the premium product that you get to savour and enjoy. Fresh, plump, succulent Mahurangi Oysters - no compromise! Browse our website for more information about our farm, how these amazing shellfish are grown, how to open them and some ideas for delicious things you can do with them. Feel free to contact us directly should you need more information. As a family business we are very proud of what we produce and sell - and we only sell the best.

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