About Benjer Drinks Co Limited

Benjer Drinks Co. is a juice company that was born in the small town of Ettrick in the heart of Central Otago more than 20 years ago. What started out as a way of getting rid of excess apples quickly developed into a busy little juicery dedicated to showcasing New Zealand grown fruit. Over the years we have moved to Cromwell and expanded our range to include other New Zealand and imported fruits. Our Benjer juices, mostly made from locally grown fruit – some less than 50m from our door – have won awards and have been enjoyed in NZ for many years. Benjer is our promise of quality, purity, to using NZ grown produce wherever possible, while remembering our heritage. The natural ingredients we use and the passion we pour into our craft pays homage to our Benjer promise and results in the authentic full flavoured juices we produce today. We are New Zealand owned and operated and our products are proudly New Zealand made.

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