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We’re Ecology & Co, social enterprise and artisan producers of distilled alcohol-free spirits, consciously crafted in New Zealand. Frustrated with nothing nice to drink I said to my husband, Will, “Why can’t someone produce an alcohol-free G&T?” So, he did. Will, then a hobby distiller and now certified, started making them for me after I found myself waking up at 3am, unable to sleep, and realising that alcohol was the cause. Like all good kiwi business stories he started in the kitchen and we now have the World’s first alcohol-free distillery. There are a million different reasons for wanting a little less alcohol, but not many truly satisfying alternatives to that complex bitter-sweet botanical palette and aroma you get from a gin and tonic. When I might have craved the taste, but wanted to cut back on alcohol, the sweet alternatives more often than not left me choosing water instead. And here we are. Ecology & Co distilled alcohol-free spirits. Made from distilled botanicals and blended to give a flavour packed, aromatic equivalent; not only alcohol-free but also free of artificial flavours, aromas, sugar and carbs. Pair it with a quality tonic to enjoy a grown-up drink anytime. So please join us on our journey, to change what it means to be social, whether you are simply trying to cut back, or due to health issues such as heart attack, brain injury, Here’s something for all of us so we can feel included and feel like we still belong in all those places or times when for so long all we have been offered is lemon, lime and bitters…

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