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Jay Bennet started Beehave! Craft Meadery two years ago after; he had been beekeeping for 8 years running 200 beehives and was looking for products to make with his own honey. The Meadery is located in downtown Taupo. From here all Mead is produced and packaged as well as tasted. Yes that's right we have a tasting room. Naughty humans have been fermenting honey and turning it into mead for 8,000 years give or take. At Beehave Meadery we’re using this ancient indulgence as a launching pad for the exploration of flavour. Surrounded by a DOC bush reserve, the bees in our hives have access to a walk-up buffet of native flora. Each seasonal flowering of rewarewa, five finger or kamahi results in a honey of unique character. In the Meadery, that honey becomes the starting point of Beehave. By recklessly experimenting with natural ingredients, we’ve created a range of new wave meads that cram in as much personality as discretion allows. Beehave however you fancy.

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