About Salty River Farm

Salty River Farm produce is lovingly grown without the use of harmful sprays. We know freshness is one of the reasons our customers love our produce, so we only deliver to our local north Auckland regions and deliver fresh from the farm to you ourselves. Order by Tuesday 8pm and we'll deliver on Thursday. At Salty River Farm we are super proud of our lettuces and herbs. We've even become a bit famous at our farmers markets for them. From whole-head fresh lettuces that stay alive for days in a jar of water, to pretty baby leaf lettuce mixes in a home-compostable bag, we've got some delicious salad options for you! We also grow herbs, edible flowers, zucchini, scallopini, pumpkin, apple and baby cucumbers, several leafy greens, baby beetroot, radish, outdoor tomatoes – the list goes on. We grow vegies the old-fashioned way: fresh, seasonal and without harmful chemicals. A simple idea, but it requires plenty of hard work. All packaging we use is home-compostable and worm-farm friendly. We're the first to admit we can't grow some things better than other growers - like big carrots from Ohakune, potatoes from Pukekohe or kumara from Dargaville, so we get what we can't grow well ourselves from other NZ growers to supplement our vegetable and salad boxes. Although we prefer to support growers with similar growing philosophies to us, this isn't always possible, and these items may be grown conventionally. Salty River Farm sits alongside the Whanaki River, a tidal arm of the Kaipara. It's near Port Albert and a bit over an hour's drive north-west of Auckland. We grow and sell vegetables, raise calves, breed goats and love our farm life.

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