About Just Dough Ltd

Just Dough makes a delicious frozen cookie dough that will rival even grandma's baking. It can be taken straight from the freezer to the oven to be cooked in only 10 minutes! Or, it can be eaten raw. We use heat-treated flour and pasteurised free-range eggs. This means that our products are safe to eat raw. When you make cookies at home, you would likely use non-heat-treated products which could contain salmonella and e.coli – which may pose a risk if ingested without cooking. Heat treating kills off the nasty pathogens; – which means that there is no risk of sickness when consuming raw dough. So, if one of your highlights while baking is licking the bowl – then, you need to try our raw cookie dough! If you prefer a warm cookie - then all you need to do is take them straight from the freezer and bake.

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